Don't be fooled by the imitators. ColorGlassBlock's product is the only internally colored glass block that is exterior rated. Glass blocks colored on the exterior of the block are not protected from vandalism or the elements.

And of course you can use them inside also. 

Here at ColorGlassBlock we pride ourselves with over 30 years experience in creating and perfecting the internally colored glass block.

We have a great group of distributors around the country to provide you with everything you need to "color your light".

We have the ability to color any glass block that has a hollow center which allows us to color over 50 different sizes and patterns of glass block.

We have over 60 standard colors and are soon to come out with a pearl series. Therefore opposed to glass that is colored we are not limited in color variety.

So let your mind run wild. With the number of pattern and color combinations available the possibilities are almost endless.

Every color glass block is hand made so you can buy as little as 1 each of color glass block. 

When in doubt check us out. Most web images you see are ours. Our block has the clear rib border.

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