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     Don't be fooled by the imitators . Color Glass Block  (CGB) has been coloring your light for over 30 years.  We are the original and patented Color Glass Block Makers. We are the only internally colored glass block for exterior and interior use . We can also color all hollow block which include finishing and shaped units . 

    We take pride in each block that is colored to perfection and personalized to your own specifications . Rest assured that your blocks will arrive flawless and in a timely manner . 

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    Periodic Table Naval Base Los Alamitos , California

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    Naperville United Methodist Church

    Naperville United Methodist Church 

    Amazing Results

    Peter and the wolf Song done in our products

    Peter and the Wolf Song Created in Our Signature Blocks Each color is a Musical note

    New Colors

    University of Alabama in Birmingham

    University of Alabama at Birmingham 

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    What you have told us about our product .

     "I'm in love with your colored glass block! I'm in the framing stage of building a house, with plumbing stubbed in and electrical underway. Just now considering going doorless on a large marble shower, and I'm considering using glass block instead of clear glass for the enclosure.  " Beverley

    " So glad you’re going to contact Jay for glass block he’s the best. " Dona

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